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What are crypto cards?

by Mickael
What are crypto cards

Crypto cards are similar to a credit cards but the only difference is that they are used as a digital currency. The user can withdraw cash from here and use it to make purchases whether it is in-person or for online retailers. If you want, it is easy to link it with a digital wallet for convenient use. Nowadays crypto cards are useful for those who want to make transactions through their crypto wallet.

What is a cryptocurrency debit card?

What is a cryptocurrency debit card

Cryptocurrency debit card is similar to prepaid cards. You can load it with some cryptocurrency and use it to make purchases online. The best thing is that these cryptocurrency debit cards can also be used for the merchants who accept this digital currency. It has now become easy to make day-to-day transactions with the help of BTC, ETH, and XRP

While altcoins are also used to make purchases through transactions. The first thing is that you can top up your balance with some digital currency. It is easy to use on a website or even an app. You will be delighted to know that many cryptocurrency debit cards have high spending limits. 

If we talk about the transactions fees they are lower than usual. When you use a normal debit card it will be difficult to take care of exchange rates. In this case, you don’t have to go through the hassle of high exchange rates and conversion fees.

What are the solutions for cryptocurrency spending?

Nowadays cryptocurrency is getting very popular among users. Whether it is a new video game, furniture, or anything else, you can use this digital currency. The major thing is that market of cryptocurrency is volatile. If you purchase one thing today, it doesn’t mean it will have the same price the very next day. 

Many top companies who are experimenting with this currency only accept bitcoins. For payments and e-commerce, many people see cryptocurrency as an innovative choice. This cryptocurrency is more like that part of cash, where the fees are lower while the processing is quick. In the real world, the chances of this digital currency are limited. It is a good alternative for those who don’t have the facility to open up a bank account.

What types of cards?

What types of cards

The use of crypto credit cards is not new and it has been there for some time. Traditional credit cards are linked with a bank account. With the cryptocurrency debit card, you can access a spending limit of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of cards available. It is up to you what feels suitable for your requirements. Here are some top cryptocurrency credit cards that are mostly used for trading:

CRO visa

CRO visa is one of the best crypto credit cards. There are many perks available for the users. It contains high-quality metal cards.

Coinbase Visa

This visa card is backed by the top companies in cryptocurrency. It is easy to link this card with the Coinbase account. The best thing is that it supports around nine different cryptocurrencies. This card is recommended if you are a regular user of cryptocurrency.

BlockFi Visa card

BlockFi Visa card is simple and convenient for use. It offers a simple way to earn around 1.5% cashback in the crypto wallet. The good thing is that it is a legit debit/credit card. All the new users get a chance to earn some free Bitcoins.

Where can I get a card?

If you are interested in getting a crypto card make sure you get in touch with a cryptocurrency exchange. There are a lot of cards available and you can choose the one that seems to fit your requirements. Some cards including BlockFi can be waitlisted. The first thing is that you need to create an account. 

It is also important to have a digital wallet that will help you get started. However, there may be some fees that can apply. If you are into trading or have to deal with digital purchases, this card can turn out to be useful.

Why use these cards?

Why use these cards

The use of cryptocurrency cards can solve a lot of problems especially if you have any issues with your debit card. You can make use of this digital currency without any hassle. If we talk about the annual fees that are very much low. One other thing that most users will like is that it doesn’t need any foreign exchange fees. Even though you are using one card you can get easy access to other cryptocurrencies too.

How a crypto rewards credit card work? 

You will be delighted to know that cryptocurrency rewards credit card is very much similar to traditional card. The best thing is that when you use a card to make a purchase it will turn out to be useful. You can earn a reward and pay off a certain amount of balance with the help of crypto. If this isn’t enough you can earn some good rewards in Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies too.

Why are cryptocurrency cards not that popular?

There are some negative aspects that people keep in mind before using a cryptocurrency card. This is the reason why it is not soaring in popularity as much as it should. The first thing is that you don’t get to have a lot of security while using these cards. Many top crypto cards are not accepted universally. As a user, you can make purchases digitally within those areas where you can use this card. Most cardholders don’t usually get any rewards even if the spending limit goes up. By making use of a traditional credit card it is easy to build up a credit history. While with this card, you can do it at all.


The use of cryptocurrency cards is worth it as they offer a lot of benefits for businesses. It can turn out to be a good choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. If this isn’t enough, the use of crypto cards will be beneficial for those who want to use these coins in the real world. If you are having second thoughts about using these cards, do give it a chance!

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